The Devon Hedge Year Course

One Devon Hedge, one full year, eight students, twelve instructors, and seventeen days of tuition. Learn all about what you can do for Devon Hedges and what they can do for you.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE AT THE END OF MARCH! You apply for a place by visiting our webstite:

Devon boasts 33,000 miles of hedges and many are very old. The have huge ecological, historical and cultural value but many have been lost due to the mechanisation of agriculture. This course aims to introduce students the true value of hedges, how they can be cared for using traditional techniques, and how useful they can be as provider of food, fodder, fibre and fuel.

Working with one hedge over the course of the year, we will meet once a month to learn skills such hedge laying, bank maintenance using turf and stone, the manufacture of biochar and charcoal, and how to utilise the myriad resources the hedge has to offer. We will make chairs, baskets and spoons from the hedge and forage for wild food. We will also look at the hedge through the eyes of the ecologist and botanist and appreciate its incredible diversity.

The course is led by Jeremy Weiss and Sasha Georgiades of Proper Edges with the help of a range of experienced local tutors.

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