Craft: Somerset Potraits and Voices

Kate Lynch makes paintings and drawings of Somerset farming and rural work and collects stories from people she features. Her latest exhibition opens on March 26 and her new book CRAFT – SOMERSET PORTRAITS AND VOICES is published on the same day. There are 30 craftspeople celebrated – some practising familiar country skills and others keeping alive crafts which are very rare. There are hedgelayers, a dry stone waller, thatchers, a brushmaker, a cidermaker still pressing apples through straw, basketmakers, blacksmiths, farriers and a horse collar and harnessmaker. Kate also visited a hand-made paper mill powered by a waterwheel, a glass blower, a wood whittler, the only sieve and riddle maker in the country, a company weaving horsehair, a bell ropemaker and others. In the book there are all the paintings and drawings and extracts from interviews with the craftspeople featured, who talk about their training, their practice, their tools and their passion for their craft. There will be a short film of some of the craftspeople in the exhibition.

“I have been out with 30 craftspeople and it has been heartening to witness the rich seam of age-old craftsmanship alive in Somerset.

26 March to 5 June 2022.
There is a pre-publication offer of FREE POSTAGE if books are ordered on Kate’s website before publication date on March 26th.
For an invitation to the opening of the exhibition contact Kate.

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