Two spaces available!

Due to a couple of cancellations, a couple of places have become available on our Turf Hedging Course on Saturday!

We tend to only run this course once every couple of years or so, therefore it’s a golden oppertunity to learn this interesting and useful skill.

Turf Hedging

Saturday 20th November 2021

Culvertor Farm, Farthing Lane, Marldon, TQ3 1RR

Grid Reference: 861628

Instructor: Chris Stanton

Many of Devon’s hedgebanks are not faced with stone (see stone facing course). Instead they are made entirely of soil. When the bank begins to erode or collapse, it can be repaired using blocks of turf cut from the field. The blocks are placed like stonework with the grass face outermost. You’ll need a Devon shovel and a decent mattock.

Click here to book:

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