NEW hedge video series

Moor Meadows has just produced five informative hedge videos!

Hedges abound in Devon and are an important habitat for wildlife supporting woodland birds, many mammals and butterflies. Our presenter is hedge expertTom Hynes from the Devon Hedge Group, whose aim is to further appreciation and understanding of Devon’s hedges, and to provide guidance on their management and conservation.
The practical videos are short and concise ‘how-to’ guides – each under 4 minutes long.
Whilst it is too late to work on hedges due to the bird breeding season starting, we hope they will inspire you to make a hedge plan for next winter. We plan to bring you more videos over the summer: the best tools for the job, how to create a hedge plan to create more biodiversity and one on Life in the Hedge. There will also be a talk on hedges this autumn.
We hope you enjoy these beautifully made films – please feel free to share them with anyone you think may find them of interest.
1 Devon hedges – Did you know that many Devon hedges date back to medieval times?
2 Laying a hedge – A step-by-step guide to laying a hedge. Practical tips to help you get it just right.
3 Curing a gap– Hedges often develop gaps. Hedge-laying expert Tom Hynes demonstrates how you can make your hedge thick & stock-proof once more
4 Crooking & trimming – Once you’ve laid your hedge, it’s time to crook and trim it
5 One year on – Tom Hynes visits a section of hedge that he laid last season to see how it has grown

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    Hope everyone is well and you are busy


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