Plant Health ‘Lunch & Learn’ Webinars – February 2021

From the Forestry Commission…

We are now able to share the topics for the Plant Health online sessions that will be running through February. Each session will start at 12pm and last at most 1h30m.

Each session will feature talks given by experts in the field, followed by a Q&A 

Wednesday 3rdHuman impacts of Plant Health with a reminder of how we can be the vector of transmission, what are doing to help prevent this including checking of imported material; and also when plant health impacts on human health (Oak Processionary Moth)

Wednesday 10thAsh Dieback. Hear about the course of the disease in Denmark who were about 10 years ahead of us in handling the disease, suggestions for how to manage woodland after the loss of Ash, and a reminder of the implications for grants and licenses 

Wednesday 17thLooming threats: an introduction or update on Swiss Needle Cast, Sweet Chestnut Blight and the old foe Phytophthora Ramorum

Wednesday 24thBeetles. Hear about Ips which is currently devastating spruce in Europe and a reminder about Dendroctinus and Rhizophagus which are already present in the SW

You can attend any session as a standalone, book for all four sessions, or as many as you are able to attend.

They will be FREE to attend but you will need to register here:

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