Traditional Management of Devon Hedges

Traditional Management of Devon Hedges
The Dartmoor Hill Farm Project
A Practical Introduction with Jeremy Weiss

This six-day course will cover all aspects of the management of Devon Hedges in the traditional way and will include the following:

* Bank repairs with turf (turf hedging) and stone (stone facing)
* Tool sharpening
* Hedge plant identification
* Hedge steeping (laying)
* Management of hedgerows for wildlife conservation
* Brash management
* Efficient bonfire
* Faggot making
* Casting up
* Logging branch wood in the field
* Making biochar from hedge brash

It will be a mainly practical course, but there will be an element of theory and plenty of time for questions and discussions. The course will run from 9am until 4:30pm on the following dates:

12th and 13th of September
26th and 27th of September
10th and 11th of October

Course cost: £200

To book a place please call 01822 890912 or email

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