Timber Framing Workshops with Henry Russell 

5-day camp @ The Hillyfield, South Devon.

SEPT. 2019: 2nd – 6th & 9th to 13th

A rare opportunity to study with Henry Russell, highly regarded teacher & repository of timber frame knowledge with 20yrs+ experience.

Each 5-day course aims to cover
the basics of structural traditional timber framing using a variety of different timber species and a range of wonderful hand tools on a live-build project at The Hillyfield woodland farm on Dartmoor.

  • Scarfing timbers together longitudinally
  • Accurate marking of timbers, mortice and tenon, and lap joints
  • Layout over a drawing
  • Traditional plumb-bobbing
  • Oak peg making and more…
  • The aim is to achieve some wall-frame and also construct an 8m span King-post to collar sling brace truss using oak and larch.

We will be looking at historic timbers and timber framing history during the course and having a jolly good time.
Suitable for any level experience and ability.

When: 2nd to 6th (&/or 9th to 13th)

September 2019 9.30am to 5pm+ each day. Cost: £460 pp (Lunch / tea included, other meals optional). Camping on site (or local hostels).

Where: The Hillyfield Woodland Farm on Dartmoor, Harbourneford, South Brent TQ10 Tools: Tools provided & b.y.o.

Booking: e: dougkingsmith@yahoo.co.uk

http://www.thehillyfield.co.uk tel: 07976589927

Spaces are limited & in high demand. Suggested you book early!

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