Finishing the wall repairs at Mount Folly Farm, Bigbury-On-Sea

By Justin Clifford, DRST Trainee


Work started early on Monday morning before the sun and its Mediterranean temperates had time to start taking effect on work productivity. Those who have contributed to rebuilding and recommissioning this section of the Mount Folly Farm Wall will appreciate the added value this brings to the Farm its animals, livestock and the many visitors that walk along the permissive path on their way down to Bigbury who comment on this feature. Its completed 51 metre length is very impressive and can now be seen from the very tip of Burgh Island itself.


Much of the first day’s training was digging out the foundation and bedding in large stones that would act as both ground and below ground level foundation stones, upon which we were to build the Quoin, which I am really pleased and proud of.


This photograph shows the final aspect of the wall that we finished off as it leads up to and into the Quoin itself. It also depicts how the wall looks with the coping adorned to its top. It has to be said we had to be really creative with the stone we had left for the coping but we just about got there with a final harvest of stone from Farmer Tuckers quarry area.


The completed Quoin with a great feature top stone to finish it off.

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