Buckfast Millenium Garden Fair

By Mick Godfrey

DRST took the opportunity to attend the Buckfast Abbey Millennium Garden Fair on 2nd June to demonstrate a range of skills. On such occasions one never travels light.

Mick Jones made wattle hurdles while Chris Stanton made gate hurdles. Nick Dawe pole lathed, offering people the chance to have a go. We decided to use a traditional long pole to power the lathe, as we were set up on the Abbey lawns it required some pre planning to ensure we did no damage to the lawn. Hence the base of the pole was restrained by a heavy steel plate carrying 10 concrete blocks and the pivot mounted on a saw horse – improvisation rules.

Jonathan Ansell entertained children young and old by getting them to make rake tines using tine cutter and mallet, letting them keep the proceeds of their endeavours.

Mick Godfrey worked on traditional wooden hay rakes, occasions such as this are more about meeting and chatting to people about the crafts than concentrating on output.

The Fayre was very well organised, good weather and free entry ensured over 5000 visitors, all in all a very enjoyable  albeit tiring day.

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