Sweet Chestnut Blight

From Jeremy Eggeling
The recent Sweet Chestnut Blight piece was a good one and very commendable that DRST is keeping it’s members informed of this.
Myself and my partner Mia, are in the process of receiving training to help monitor woodlands in the SW for such things as Sweet Chestnut Blight, Acute Oak Decline etc., This is in collaboration with the Woodland Trust, Forestry Commission, DEFRA, Animal & Plant Health Agency. They are currently looking for people to volunteer and undergo training to help , monitor, diagnose and report on any findings within the SW. Maybe some of the DRST memebers would be interested in this? The main website is Observatree which has great resources on identifying invasive pests. If anyone wishes to volunteer for this role (you are not likely to be asked to do this once a month) you need to go to the Woodland Trust Site.  Also whilst on this vein trying to stop the spread of these pest is something we can all contribute to, if anyone is unsure or would like to undertake a free BioSecurity ‘Course’ the Forestry Commission offers them here.

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