Wattle Hurdle Course

By Don Gaskins

The wattle hurdle course held at Rudolf Steiner School, Dartington on the 31st of March was very popular with a full complement and people on the waiting list. It was good to have five ladies attending.

For the first time in several months we were able to have a DRST day without worrying about the weather – although the canvas roof over the green woodwork area was bulging with the weight of collected rainwater. It was very definitely a ‘Bosses Day’ with a cold wind blowing and lots of clothing layers the order of the day. There was snow on Dartmoor

Don and Mitchell guided their teams through the intricacies of cleaving, twisting and weaving hazel rods to make six foot by three foot wattle panels which were taken home by Sacha and John Alton and Kelly and Justin James.


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