Hedgesteeping course at Druidstone

Hedelaying report 30 September 2017 at Druidstone,

By Justin Clifford – DRST Trainee.

Under the expertise and direction of Alan Cooper we were all made very welcome by our hosts at Druidstone on an overcast late September weekend. Our task for the day was to bring some order and form to a 50 metre stretch of a boundary hedge which was overgrown sitting high above a stone faced bank.
To the passing observer the initial preparatory work of hedge laying appears to be the destruction of what looks to be a perfect hedge and all its form. Look closer and stay around little longer and speak with those at the hedge face and they will tell you its a lot more than that. The slashing out of brambles is countered with the selection of roses, berries and other vegetation to create hedge diversity with the overall objective ensuring that the created hedge is firstly fit for purpose for its intended use but secondly that it is an improved environment for the habitat and wildlife to whom the bank belongs.
“Crooks and bonds” added to the technical and practical benefits of the our days work before the heavens opened and we left slightly wetter than when we arrived.
Our next two courses are booked up now, and the others are filling up fast so if you want to get some hedging experience this season, now is the time to book! Click here for more info. The dry stone walling course on the 17th of February is also nearly booked up.

One thought on “Hedgesteeping course at Druidstone”

  1. HI Jeremy

    Good to see Justin’s report in Skills Online.

    Do you have an email address for him?

    Chris Baker spent the day taking photos and will let you have some to go with Justin’s report



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