Hedging Competition

DRST Hedging Competition 21st October 2017 at East Fingle Farm, Drewsteignton, near Okehampton
Don’t forget that entry forms for the competition need to be sent to Don Gaskins by the 13th of October.

We are having a preparation day on Saturday 14th of October starting at 0930.

The work involves taking out existing fences and cutting back scrub growth from the back of the hedges. We will need chainsaw operators to cut out the sapling and scrub growth and willing helpers to drag away the brash to where it can be burnt. We will also be pegging out the scetions for the competition

Please let Don know if you can come. Tel 01752 336049 or dongaskins@talktalk.net

Bring leather gloves loppers, pruning saws, billhooks and fencing tools etc Many thanks

                                                               Don Gaskins

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