Hedgesteeping at East Fingle Farm

By Jeremy Weiss

The weather was warm and spring was in the air when we arrived at East Fingle, near Drewsteignton. Nick briefed the course attendees while Don and I were given a tour of the hedges on the farm by our young hosts. We selected two decent lengths for the DRST Hedgesteeping Competition to be held on 21st of October.

The day went well and a good job was made of the hedge. It was satisfying to see the progress made by the beginners who all seemed to pick up the basics remarkably quickly and with enthusiasm.

Next course is Turf Hedging in two weeks time on the 25th of March. There are still a few places available. For the uninitiated, turf hedging is a means to repair hedgebanks using turf cut from the field. It’s a very handy skill where stone is in short supply and is much quicker than stone facing.

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