Hedgesteeping at Orcheton

By Adam Maher (Trainee)

The first course of 2017 saw a return to Little Orcheton and also the return of some amazing weather. We were back to continue hedge laying a lapsed section of farmland hedge under the guidance of Maxine McAdams.

The hedge in question was a real mix, with sections comprised of large hazel stools with some stems too big to lay and some sections where the hedge had grown into maturing trees resulting in other areas being far sparser.

After an introduction from Maxine into how we would tackle the hedge, participants split off into pairs to choose a section to work on.

The first half of the day saw a lot of preparation work clearing back the hedge to a point where we could start laying it, with two chainsaw operators being kept very busy!

As some stems being laid were quite large, pairs worked together to stabilise the hazel limbs so they didn’t hakes mouth as they were brought over; sections were laid off as the chainsaw operators cleared out the hedge.

With the hedge being carefully brought into position and staked out, that brought to an end a challenging day of hedge laying, leaving a lot of timber, a massive brash pile and also some great memories of hedge laying in stunning weather amongst flowering hazels.

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