Hedge planting grants…

The FWAG SW Hedgerows Project, in partnership with the Woodland Trust has officially started and our target is to plant 15,000 metres of hedgerow across the 6 counties of the South Western Region by April 2017. 

The Woodland Trust are offering an 80% grant on hedgerow trees and tree guards exclusively through the project. There is a minimum length of 100m and a maximum length of 1,500m per holding. The hedgerow species mix planted will be the ‘standard mix’ for lowland areas, and the ‘South West upland mix’ for upland areas, with both including 5% ‘tree choice’ for planting hedgerow trees approximately every 20 metres within the hedge, with the remaining trees planted across the rest of the site. The Woodland Trust will provide the hedging plants from their nursery using UK sourced and grown stock.

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