Hedgesteeping at Orcheton

By Laura Tunstall-Murray

On Saturday’s course at Little Orcheton we were blessed with a rare, bright, clear winter’s day for Maxine’s hedge laying course. We had a good turn out of 15 people with a few DRST regulars. The hedge was mostly hazel with the odd blackthorn, hawthorn and a little rose.
Many of the steepers were very large and parts of the hedge were quite sparse so some challenging pleaching was involved.

Split into groups of three or four we managed to lay a decent stretch of hedge carrying on from two years of previous courses. Mick and Jonathan were particularly busy with their chainsaws due to the size of the steepers, but farm owner Graham was pleased at the end of the day.

All in all a good day with potential for more courses and hopefully some training days for the DRST trainees in future.

Next course is Wattle Hurdle making with Don Gaskins at the Rudolf Steiner School on Saturday, 30th of January. Click here for more details.

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