Hedge steeping competition 

By Jeremy Weiss

Our annual competition took place, in spite of horrendous weather, on Saturday 7th of November. 

It had rained for two days prior to the event and on the morning itself the conditions were nothing short of atrocious with gale force gust of wind and hammering horizontal rain. Undeterred the competitors got to work and soon after midday the rain cleared and the sun came out illuminating the beautifully laid hedge. 

The results are below:

Open Class:

  • 1st Richard Hooker
  • 2nd Steve McCullough
  • 3rd Colin Clutterbuck


  • 1st Alex Bown
  • 2nd Chris Stanton
  • 3rd Malcolm Dowling


  • 1st Magnus McKay
  • 2nd Mitchell Fawcett
  • 3rd Chris Baker

Well done to all competitors, who deserve a medal for surviving and completing their lengths. A special thanks goes to Don, and all involved in the planning, preparation and running of the event. 

I was too busy wrestling spikey steepers to take any photos so please send in any decent ones you’d like to share. 

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